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We want to thank EVERY ONE OF YOU who came out and volunteered this past weekend! What a beautiful day to work outside, meet new people, and be in community! As we hoped, this project was to reclaim Roosevelt Ravine, bringing it back to a state where the school and surrounding community could use and enjoy it.  Thank you for being a part of making that happen!  We had 52 volunteers show up through the day, surpassing our goal of 50.  We are very happy with the project! Click here to see a few pictures from the day.


We’d love to hear any feedback on how it could have been better organized at any level – registering, working, even playing!

  We are also looking into how we can retain the services of “Chris’ mom” Donita G, in her nifty name tags…. we don’t know what your last name is, but who needs to when we know you as Rockin’ Ron, Racin’ Jason, or Erik the Sherpa!!  Thanks for your humor, “Chris’ mom!”


As future projects are planned to reclaim areas of need in the community, we hope you can join us again. We hope that we all continue to meet new people, and come together for the purpose of helping others.  Please stay tuned to reclaimingroots.org as plans are made for Project.2!


Thanks again for all you did!


Reclaiming Roots Team

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