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Project.2 – Grant Wood Community

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Hey everybody! We hope you are all enjoying your summer and the heat isn’t getting in the way too much.

The Reclaiming Roots team is gearing up again for our second project, helping the Grant Wood neighborhood. The City of Iowa City and the Association of Realtors are only the first of many local groups that are working hard to bring change to this community. The community has identified issues that have negatively affected the peaceful enjoyment of their neighborhood, and we hope to work together to positively affect the community and their environment.

As a part of the overall plan, there is a vision to work on several aspects of the Grant Wood neighborhood:

* Work with neighborhood associations to come up with school activities and potentially a computer lab for residents
* Create a tool lending shed where neighborhood residents can borrow tools for ongoing yard work and household repair
* Create opportunities where the neighborhood can take ownership and control in giving their neighborhood a better future

They’ve asked Reclaiming Roots to help with a part of the overall effort as well; to come alongside the residents of this community and help them work on their houses, their yards, and their neighborhood.

What we’re asking of you:
SHOW UP. We will be having a Grant Wood community work day on October 20. Garbage will be thrown away, houses will be repaired and winterized, yards will be cleaned, and most of all, community will happen. Mark your calendar. Much of this project is still in its planning stages, so stay tuned to the Reclaiming Roots website (reclaimingroots.org) for further information and registration.

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