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Happy spring!

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Happy spring!


Maybe it’s here to stay?! Regardless, it’s time to start planning for some community events – and hopefully summer will give us warmer weather to work in! So, we hope you can join {reclaiming roots} in reclaiming areas of our community again this summer.


Revisit the Vision


If you helped us last summer, or if this is your first time to receive an email like this – we want to revisit our vision. We believe that our entire community wins when people come together for the good of others. As areas of our community need rebuilt and reclaimed, we have the opportunity to form relationships within the community as we live the mindset of helping our neighbors. And in that, community happens and communities thrive!



June 14, 2008: Project.3 BigWhiteHouse


The first project of the summer is in Coralville! There is a turn-of-the-century home that sits on several acres of land, immediately north of the interstate as 12th Avenue crosses over. This house has been family owned for decades, and has sat empty for over 30 years … kept up by a caretaker. The owner passed away four years ago and the daughters wished that this land, and their childhood home, could be re-integrated into the community. Last year, a local church bought the property. The vision for this beautiful old home was to restore it to use. Use for the church and just as intentionally – use for the community as a Community Center…. a donations-only tea house and coffee bar with wireless internet. A place where anybody can come to play their guitar… or come to work in a meeting room…. or come to study in the library, or to talk, or to receive counseling. A place where everyone is welcome.

{reclaiming roots} is helping bring the community together, for the benefit of this neighborhood. This house will offer common grounds for the community – but it needs reclaimed! And so the first project evolves….


Date: June 14, 2008


Location: 1246 12th Avenue, Coralville [click for Google Map]


Times: 9am-12pm (need 30 volunteers)

1pm-4pm (need 30 volunteers)


Project: scraping paint

yard work

tree work

piling brush

mulching trees/gardens


Tools needed:

bring gloves!

paint scrapers








Provided for volunteers:

a.m. crew….. Café del Sol coffee/pastries/snacks

both crews… lunch

p.m. crew…. drinks/snacks


Vision: This house will be on its way to being re-integrated into this community, and you’ll meet new neighbors and form new friendships! Whether you’re from Coralville or elsewhere in the greater Iowa City area – let’s help this neighborhood reclaim a beautiful landmark.


Sponsors: If you have a desire to help support this cause financially, or in-kind with materials, please email luke@reclaimingroots.org. Thank you!


SIGN UP! If you want to volunteer, click here to register.. If you have any trouble, please email chris@reclaimingroots.org


Questions? Email stan@reclaimingroots.org about the project, signing up, or any further details. Visit the website www.reclaimingroots.org for ongoing updates.


Future Projects: Summer/Fall 2008

We’re working on the details of two future projects in both west side Iowa City, and south side Iowa City – later this summer and fall. We’ll keep you posted! Thank you for your support in your community

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