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Project.3 Update – Flood Relief

Posted in: BigWhiteHouse, project.3, update ♦ Wednesday, June 11th, 2008, 2:38 pm ♦ No Comments

As you know, there is an urgent need in our community for volunteers to help sandbag and support areas that are already flooding and areas in which flooding is imminent. The water level is cheap custom essays not expected to peak until early next week, so we have decided to change the focus of our {reclaiming roots} project this weekend to help with those efforts. We are rescheduling project.3 BigWhiteHouse for Saturday, July 12. So, please change this date, and re-check your calendar!

As for this weekend, here’s the new very loose and impromptu plan:

WHEN & WHERE: Saturday, June 14, 8.30 a.m….meet at Stan & Melanie Laverman’s house (24 Highland Drive, Iowa City)
WHAT: Indulge in pastries and coffee
THEN WHAT?!: Carpool and head out to help sandbag/whatever work is necessary. We’ll work until noon (or later if you choose!). Childcare will be provided at the Laverman house until noon.
GOAL: We’ll still come together for the cause of others, and have a good time doing it!
TOOLS: Gloves, shovels, waterproof boots?
SIGN UP: If you want fresh-roasted coffee and freshly baked pastries, we need to know you’re coming, so please sign up by clicking here. (If you have already signed up, we will plan on you–so please let us know if you can’t make it.)

If you decide to go pitch in someplace by yourself, that’s great! If you want to work with your {roots} friends, then c’mon over. We also know that many of you have been sandbagging all week and may need this day to be with your family…that’s great, too. Regardless, thank you for helping your neighbors…this week, and as the flooding continues.

Stay tuned to this site for any future changes – we’ll post anything else by Friday evening.

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