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Project.5 — Public Space 1

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Click here to register!

When: January 24, 2009 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

Where: Public Space 1 115 E Washington St. Iowa City

Purpose: Help the folks at Public Space 1 and the James Gang improve the space for creativity and community.

Registration: Click here to register! We will have two opportunities to volunteer on January 24.

 Due to a lack of space at Public Space 1, we have split the registration into two 25 volunteer groups. One group at 9am-12pm and another from 1pm-4pm.  Both groups will be capped at 25 people each, so we urge you to sign up for your desired shift as soon as possible. We would like to stress that if you are unable to work this day but still interested in helping to please consider giving financially to Public Space 1. Do so by clicking here.

Sponsors: If you are interested in making this happen via sponsorship, please email luke@reclaimingroots.org. 

Web Questions: If you have any web questions or problems, please email our web genius chris@reclaimingroots.org

Public Space 1 (PS1) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run art, culture and performance venue in downtown Iowa City. PS1 is sponsored and supported by the James Gang, providing opportunities for local visual and performance artists to “go public” with their talents. They provide a venue for people to practice, perfect, and perform their creative endeavors including theater, photography, art, writing, and performance. The space provides a location for community discussions, gatherings, interactions, and dialogues. {reclaiming roots} is always interested in bringing people together, to help out for the greater good of the community, especially in the context of pursuing creativity. This is certainly a cause that will continue to cultivate the culture of our community, and support local performers and artists.

On January 24, 2009, {reclaiming roots} is going to facilitate a work day to help create a gallery space for the visual arts, and renovate a currently un-usable space into a gallery. The focus will be on painting, drywall, cleaning, and other renovation work. If you have specific carpentry skills, please email us directly at stan@reclaimingroots.org and zach@thejamesgang.ws.

If you’ll be unable to help on this date but want to help cover specific materials/project costs, you can contribute directly to Public Space 1 and James Gang at http://www.firstgiving.com/psone. There is a donor that wants to match 50% of every financial gift toward this project!

Lastly, other PS1 information can be found at their website:www.thejamesgang.ws/psone 

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