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We need your help!

Posted in: 2011, Coralville, Iowa City, Project Ideas ♦ Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011, 3:55 pm ♦ 1 Comment
We need your help!

We want to be able to turn to you, the {roots} community, for ideas and inspiration on what you think we can do to get people out of their homes and spending time together?

What are the needs of our communities? What do you see that needs to be done, not just to make our surroundings more beautiful, but to foster good relationships with our neighbors?

These can be simple things: a party, a flash clean-up, you come up with something and begin the conversation!

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One comment on “We need your help!

  1. leslie h. on said:

    Just heard about your collective this morning, and was excited to check out your site. What a brilliant community builder!!
    So, I have an idea. A year ago, I was talking with a friend about creating a public garden but just not sure how/where to get it started. The plan uses a winding path of raised beds, so that those who may not be able to easily work at ground level could participate in the act of planting. The emphasis would be to incorporate plants with interesting textures, and flowers that are fragrant to offer a multi-sensory experience. Last week we were revisiting this idea with some artists that are interested in producing sculpture for the garden, and this rejuvenated our enthusiasm. The concept of “universal design” offers much to be explored in the realm of garden spaces, and we would enjoy continuing this conversation with you!


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