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Starting the Blueprints for the Year

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This past year has been a slow one for the {roots} crew.

We had high hopes for Reclaiming Roots, but quite honestly, life took over. This year however, we’re looking to make an imprint on the communities of Iowa City.

We’re in the midst of planning the years events, both big and small, and want to hear what you think. We’ll be putting on projects just like we have in the past, planting gardens, cleaning neighborhoods, and a few things in between. The difference is, this year we’ll be putting on a handful of smaller, more impromptu events where we have one idea and one task. Clean a park for the morning, tidy the pedestrian mall, handout some care packs to those who might need them, and whatever other random acts of kindness we can come up with.

If you have thoughts for an event, either big or small, please let us know. Comment here or visit our Contact page and let us know your thoughts. We’re looking forward to a productive year rubbing elbows with all of you.

We need your help!

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We need your help!

We want to be able to turn to you, the {roots} community, for ideas and inspiration on what you think we can do to get people out of their homes and spending time together?

What are the needs of our communities? What do you see that needs to be done, not just to make our surroundings more beautiful, but to foster good relationships with our neighbors?

These can be simple things: a party, a flash clean-up, you come up with something and begin the conversation!

Dusting Things Off

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Dusting Things Off

It’s been awhile since we’ve been in these parts of the intertubes, but now that we’re here we thought we’d dust things off a bit and roll out what we hope to do this year. Up until this point we have mostly been about neighborhood clean-ups and restoration. While this is necessary, this is not the only thing we want to be known for. Our last few projects have been around the idea of community gardens. This is a new and exciting thing for us to be a part of because it allows the neighborhoods involved to actively pursue a goal and spend time nurturing something, in addition to feeding people in the process.

We have also recently started a relationship with The James Gang, a community building organization that has been in Iowa City for many years. Together we will be able to reach more people and hope to have more creativity with our projects.

Stay tuned. This is going to be a year to remember with {reclaiming roots}!

Miller-Orchard Community Garden Follow-Up

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Thank you so much to all of the volunteers that came out to help the Miller-Orchard Community get land ready for a garden!

We had around 30 volunteers show up that took roughly a ton of trash and three large loads and two small loads of branches and brush out to make room for the garden. We were also able to use the community tool shed provided the Board of Realtors.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day of work and we accomplished a lot. Click here to see a few pictures of the work that was done.

We have just helped get the ball rolling for this neighborhood, but like any garden, the work is never done. If you’re interested in supporting this community garden, please visit our Contact page and let us know what you’re willing to do.

Sen. Grassley Talks at UI

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Sen. Grassley Talks at UI

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley was in Iowa City to talk health care.

“Everyone agrees something has to be done,” Grassley said in a lecture hall at UI’s Medical Education Research Facility. “However, Congress has spent a year writing bills that would make a bad situation worse.

Although the White House has said it aims to have the legislation wrapped up by March 18, Grassley said there is still time for the two parties to meet on middle ground and build from there. With widespread support on both sides of the aisle for reform that would make insurance companies offer more affordable and accessible coverage, as well as stop denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, Grassley said there are common goals to build upon.

What are your thoughts?

via press-citizen.