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Edible Magazine Honors Three Local Heroes

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Edible Magazine Honors Three Local Heroes

A couple of years ago {reclaiming roots} was recognized as a local hero. This year, these three have been named. Congratulations to them!

What would you like to see done in your community?

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What would you like to see done in your community?

Every community needs something. We’ve got a few thoughts, but we would love to hear yours.

See you at Grant Wood!

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At 6.45am, the rain forecast is about as good as we could have hoped!

It does academic research paper looks like it could be chilly, so dress warm. See you at 9!

Grant Wood Neighborhood event this weekend!

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We’re looking forward to this weekend’s event! If you haven’t signed up but you’re planning to make it Saturday, pleaseregister here so we can plan accordingly! AND, if you’ve signed up, we’re planning on you so please viagra usa email us at info@reclaimingroots.org if you can’t make it – we’ll be able to plan likewise!

To recap, and add LOTS of new details:

Where: Grant Wood Elementary School, Iowa City (1930 Lakeside Dr, Iowa City)

When: Saturday, October 24 from 9am-12pm


  1.  helping with a variety of winterization & clean-up tasks around the neighborhood.

  2. canvassing for a coalition seeking answers on changes in the neighborhood (if you’re looking for a day of hearing stories and listening to life through somebody else – this will be for you! the canvassing will be the heart of helping the big picture in this neighborhood)

  3.  oh, and meeting lots of new people!

Eats: coffee and pastries served before, lunch served at noon!

Tools: we’ve been asked what is helpful? rakes, rakes, rakes! if you’ve offered (via the registration) to bring other tools, we’re planning on them. ***Please put your name on whatever tools you bring!*** and we’ll bring more specific tools as well.

What to Wear: whatever you need to stay warm and dry, it could be muddy/wet in places. bring gloves! If you’d like to help canvassing on this day, wear comfortable walking shoes.

Weather: our weather channel friends say cool, and a chance of rain. If it’s seriously raining………. check the website www.reclaimingroots.org , Facebook, or Twitter, before coming. We’ll put a status up so you can plan accordingly. However, not much outside work can happen in a downpour, so you may end up enjoying coffee as the most strenous activity to your Sat.

FACEBOOK and TWITTER: many of you may not know that we can be found on both. Please join us, and you’ll get more regular updates on what’s going on before projects!

Sponsors: Thank you to the generous help of local businesses, churches, and individuals! If you’re interested in helping financially as well, please email luke@reclaimingroots.org. And please thank those who are helping make this event happen!

Other questions? Please email info@reclaimingroots.org. If you’d like to have volunteers help you this weekend, please call Stan at 530.4076.

Thanks again for your interest and support! Hope to see you Saturday, have a great weekend!

project.6 – Grant Wood Neighborhood Clean-up

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Registration for Project.6 – Grant Wood Neighborhood Clean-up is now open!  Click here to go to registration.

Last fall, we coordinated a neighborhood clean-up day in the Wetherby Neighborhoods.  This fall a similar day is being planned for another Iowa City neighborhood, and the date is October 24, 2009.  We will be bringing together communites with fall yard clean-up, trash pick-up, and hazardous waste removal.

We hope that again this year, neighborhoods from all over the greater-Iowa City area will reach out to help this community.

Come and witness what we can accomplish when we come together for others.

Stay tuned here at reclaimingroots.org for updates as the date gets closer.  Click here to register.